New Stuff! And We Have a Store Now!!!

Hey all you bitties!  It's been quite a while, but we have a boatload of news!   First...

WE HAVE A STORE NOW!!!  Our Store features our t-shirts and our latest works.  Check it out!
Here is the link:  http://totallyrad.myshopify.com

Also, we have a new T-Shirt available

It's Tammy and she want's a ride to Great America.  It's available at our shop now!  Right now we only have one in green, but more colors to come soon.

Rachel has some new works on paper features in the shop, come check them out:

also,  my fashionable bags are featured in the store as well...

Check it out here 

So many more items to feature so stay tuned!!!



It's been a while since we posted, but a bunch of new stuff is going on:

Our Totally Rad Studio work will be at the CCA Craft Fair, this Saturday April 24th.  We will have original works as well as screen printed crafts and t-shirts available at our table.   Here is some more information about the provided by the CCA website.  Come check us out! 
CCA Spring Fair
An arts and crafts bazaar
Saturday, April 24, 2010, 11 am–3 pm

Main walkway, Oakland campus
Oakland campus map (PDF)
Directions »
Info: 415.703.9571
Each fall and spring CCA's Student Affairs staff turns the idyllic Oakland campus into a bustling arts and crafts bazaar. The public is invited to shop for one-of-a-kind, handmade, affordable gifts created by the CCA community: paintings, drawings, cards, jewelry, ceramics, hand-blown glass, clothing, photography, textiles, and more. Discover unique gifts while enjoying live jazz music and other treats.

There's more stuff too, but we will wait just a bit longer for the announcement.  


Meth Mouth Performance, Studio Update, Last Night, and Events to Come!

Meth Mouth: Did We Take Too Much?
Hey everyone!  I would like to thank everyone for coming to our last event at The Compound.  "Meth Mouth: Did We Take Too Much" was a lot of fun to perform and I hope you all enjoyed it.  Here are some photos from the performance:

Setting up the keyboard for the accompanying music.

Here's our rock-n-roll baby who was bottle fed hot pink glitter.  Baby had a custom designer outfit made for the show.

Rachel making popcorn during the show.  She is wearing an executioner's hood "designed and made by Goochi" .  It's not a knock-off.

Doin' our thang!

There was video shot, but we're having trouble locating it, but when we find it we will post it!

We've Moved!!!  And We're on Facebook Now!

We are no longer in The Compound.  We haven't found a permanent studio yet, but that won't stop us from making our Totally Rad Art.  Also, we have a Facebook Page !  Check it out and join us for updates.  We put it up a little over a week ago, and we already have 85 fans!  Thank you fans.  Oh yeah! (insert the Kool-Aid man here).

Last Night
Last night was St. Patrick's Day.  I forgot to wear green but that didn't stop me from going to Jen Nelson's amazing art opening at Guerilla Cafe .  Her show looked terrific and had really great space for her work.  She also designed and painted the wall to express a unique backdrop for her abstract paintings.  She also sold a bunch of stuff!  This was my first time at the cafe and I now it's my favorite cafe!  Has a great atmosphere (reminded me of the hip places in Berlin!), and even better coffee and food.  Here's some photos from last night:

There's Jen, the artist!

Giant Howard Zinn Mural next to the storefront window, part of the Cafe.

There were lots of people there so it was hard to photograph the art, plus I was using my phone camera so I don't think i would have done her work justice.  But again, check out her blog to view the work.  If you want to see the work in person, you can make a visit to Guerilla Cafe .  I believe the show is up until May.  

Upcoming Events

We will be setting up a booth at the amazing CCA craft fair in Oakland.  This is very exciting news for us.  We will have our totally rad T-shirts, archival prints, crafts, and some of our original works!  As soon as we find out the specific details we will tune you in!

Also, last week we made some new shirts and this weekend we are making some more.  We don't have any rad photos, but try back next week and we will!


Friday Night's Reception was Awesome!

Thanks to everyone who came out and visited our studio!  We met a lot of cool folks, thanks again.  Here are some photos from that night, check 'em out and enjoy!

People checkin' out the coasters at our craft table.

Checkin' out the shirts.

He loves this shirt!  Tammy has that kind of charm.  

Thanks again for everyone who made it out.  We will be having another event soon so stay tuned!!


Open Studio Tonight!!!

Hey we are having an open studio tonight!  
Here are the Deets: 
Time: from 7-10 pm

 Come by and drink a brew and look what we have to feature, you're gonna love it!!!
This portrait print will be there...
So will this pillow (from my crafting venture, Mueller Craft and Design).

And of course our Tammy T's will be there too!  woo!
so will this T-shirt


So the other day, we created "flyers" for some fake bands (we created the band names too). Let's just say that these flyers are the next source of inspiration for Studio Three...

We recently made screens of these flyers for printing, and T-shirts will be made soon. Stay tuned!!


Hey bitties! It's Rachel. My friend Gabi and I are having an art show at Collect in downtown Oakland (8th St. and Broadway next door to the starbucks) . The reception is from 6-9PM this coming up tuesday 1/12/10. Come check it out! Snacks & wine will be provided.
For more information please visit http://www.collectartsf.com/2010/01/art-opening-gabriela-hernandez-lepe.html